We Love Our Cows

We Love Our Cows

It’s Cow Appreciation Day!

Cows come first on our dairy farms, and for good reason. When our farmers give the best care to their cows, the animals stay healthy and provide delicious, wholesome Hiland Dairy Milk that is pure and fresh.

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Is Butter Better? We Think So!

9 reasons why we think butter is better.

Here are nine reasons why we think butter is better.

Today, more and more Americans want to know what’s in their food – but that’s not all. People want real ingredients they can recognize. That’s led to some companies rethinking ingredients and swapping them with more natural, familiar ones. You can feel good about these changes too – especially when real butter is involved.

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The Power of Milk: Natural Sugar Versus Added Sugar

The Power of Milk - Natural Sugar Versus Added Sugar.

The problem with added sugar.

You’ve probably heard that obesity is reaching epidemic levels in the United States and is responsible for a host of serious medical conditions, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, asthma and sleep apnea. One major contributor to the rise in obesity is the consumption of added sugar — sugar that’s not naturally occurring in a food but is added during processing.

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