Make This Father’s Day Delicious

Fathers Day Traditions

It’s the Thought That Counts

In my family, our gift to Dad is breakfast in bed. My husband loves when the kids file into our bedroom with his baked ham-and-cheese baked omelet, bacon and a cold glass of farm-fresh Hiland Dairy Milk. He looks forward to it every year because of the omelet’s light, fluffy texture and the gooey goodness of the melted cheeses. Happy Father’s Day!

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Family Favorites!

Family Favorites

Create Memories for Generations With Family Traditions

Family traditions are important. They strengthen family bonds, offer comfort and security, and even teach values. No matter how or when they start, traditions should be part of your family culture. Here are six tips for creating your own family traditions…

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Family Movie Night


Dip In!

Our family loves to sit down for a family movie night whenever we get a break from our busy schedules. And, family movie night isn’t complete without some great snacks to go with it! Hiland Dairy Dips with chips and veggies are always the top of our snack list. But, when the chill of fall is in the air, we also like a nice hot dip. That’s when I whip up my savory Buffalo Chicken Dip. It’s easy-peasy and oh-so-delicious!

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Smart Snacks for Kids

Smart Snacks for Kids

Once school’s back in session, it can feel like a whirlwind to keep track of homework, team schedules, extracurricular activities and more. But here’s one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about: making sure your kids can grab nutritious, delicious snacks. Here are some of our favorite ideas from our friends at the National Dairy Council and Dairy Good. Odds are you already have many of these items on hand.

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Here’s The Scoop!

Get the scoop on the six new ice cream flavors from Hiland Dairy

Six new ice cream flavors join the Hiland Dairy family…and we put them to the test!

Peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, cell phones and chargers…one thing just doesn’t go without the other. That’s why when I think of summer, I think of ice cream! And Hiland Dairy has six new flavors that my kids wanted to put to the test. I mean really, who wouldn’t?

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Don’t Let Your Kids’ Nutrition Slack This Summer

Don’t Let Your Kids Nutrition Slack This Summer

The days are getting longer. The nights are getting warmer.

It can mean only one thing – summer is almost upon us. And that means that kids will soon be freed from the shackles of their daily school routines. For them, it’s heaven: Sleeping late. Playing with friends. Hanging out at the pool. But it can also mean that they’re no longer receiving the same level of nutrition they were when they were getting their lunches at school.

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Sharing is Caring on National Spouse’s Day!

Sharing is Caring on National Spouses Day

National Spouse’s Day is the perfect day to show the special person in your life just how much you care for him or her. So what better way to celebrate this great day by keeping your loved one healthy. It’s easy! Put your New Year’s resolution to good use and incorporate more protein into his or her diet. Here are a few simple ideas I’d like to share…

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Fun Kids Recipe: Baglets!

Kid Friendly Recipe Baglets

Here’s a recipe that kids just love. It’s weird, squishy and it produces a tasty, nutritious breakfast treat! It also lets kids have (a bit of) control over what they eat, which can be quite empowering for a little one—especially if he or she is a picky eater.

So, on with the show…you’re about to make “baglets” – omelets in a bag!

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Fun Kids Recipe: Frozen Yogurt Medley!

Kid Friendly Recipe Frozen Yogurt Medley

When your kids get home from school, what’s the first thing they do? If you’re like most families, they head to the kitchen to start snacking. Instead of candy bars and cookies, wouldn’t it be great if they’d eat something a bit healthier? Sure…but how do you get a kid to eat healthy snacks? The answer is, make them fun! And here’s a recipe that’s both fun and easy to make.

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A Down-Home Favorite: Milk-Boiled Corn On The Cob

A Down Home Favorite Milk Boiled Corn on the Cob

If you’re from the Midwest, you probably grew up eating corn on the cob weekly in the summertime. That’s one reason why, here in the Hiland Kitchen, we like to keep it near the top of our menu all summer long.

Sure, you can boil or grill ears of corn and they’ll turn out tasty. But to us, there’s nothing like the recipe below to help bring out the best in fresh sweet corn.

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Hiland Classic Recipe: Chicken in Orange Juice

Hiland Classic Recipe Chicken in Orange Juice

There’s nothing quite like chicken. You can throw it on the grill, fry it, bake it, cook it on the stove top…here in the Hiland Home it’s our most versatile meat protein. So we want to share one of our favorite chicken recipes from the Hiland Home cookbook that is fast, easy, delicious and loved by kids and parents alike.

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Easter Egg Nog Casserole

Easter Egg Nog Casserole

You’ve heard about Easter eggs… but have you heard about Easter Egg Nog?

Well, this creamy, delicious treat isn’t just for Christmas anymore. So the next time you’re at the store, pick up some Hiland Dairy Easter Egg Nog and delight your family with this deliciously spicy recipe that perfect for an Easter breakfast or dessert!

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So What is a “Hiland Home,” Anyway?

So What is a “Hiland Home,” Anyway?

Well, the Hiland Home is a lot of things.

For one thing, it’s this page – a home on the web where you can find all sorts of useful information to make your life easier. A happy home comes from the people that are in it, the attitudes that we come in the door with and the simple things we can do to make life feel natural and easy. That means you’ll find delicious and nutritious recipes here, as well as clever lifehacks to help you get the most out of your busy day.

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