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Get the scoop on the six new ice cream flavors from Hiland Dairy

Six new ice cream flavors join the Hiland Dairy family…and we put them to the test!

Peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, cell phones and chargers…one thing just doesn’t go without the other. That’s why when I think of summer, I think of ice cream! And Hiland Dairy has six new flavors that my kids wanted to put to the test. I mean really, who wouldn’t?

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Don’t Let Your Kids’ Nutrition Slack This Summer

Don’t Let Your Kids Nutrition Slack This Summer

The days are getting longer. The nights are getting warmer.

It can mean only one thing – summer is almost upon us. And that means that kids will soon be freed from the shackles of their daily school routines. For them, it’s heaven: Sleeping late. Playing with friends. Hanging out at the pool. But it can also mean that they’re no longer receiving the same level of nutrition they were when they were getting their lunches at school.

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Cucumber Soup…Perfect for Summer!

Cucumber Soup Perfect For Summer

Soups generally aren’t thought of as your typical summer food. They’re usually too hot, too filling or too hearty…which isn’t exactly what you want when you’re trying to eat a light summer meal.

Enter Hiland’s invigorating Cucumber Soup recipe. Not only is it cool and refreshing, but the prep work couldn’t be any easier!

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Fun Ideas for Kids to Prevent Summer Boredom


School is out…now what? Once kids get over the initial excitement of not having to head to class on weekday mornings, there’s a very real danger of boredom setting in – especially when it comes to teenagers. The temptation will be to sleep until noon and then spend the rest of the day playing video games or chatting with friends on their mobile devices.

This summer, instead of letting your kids lie around the house doing virtually nothing, why not use summer as an opportunity to engage in family activities that not only bring everyone closer together, but also let them learn a thing or two!

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Treat Your Family to Hiland Summer Flavored Milks!

Treat Your Family to Hiland Summer Flavored Milks

Here at the Hiland Home, we believe you don’t need a holiday to celebrate a season.

You know Hiland offers seasonal products to coincide with some of the most festive times of the year: Easter, Christmas and Halloween, but we were feeling one of the most beloved times of the year wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. That’s why Hiland is proud to introduce new summer seasonal products!

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