Celebrate National Farmer’s Day, Oct. 12

Raise a Glass of Fresh, Local Hiland Dairy Milk and Toast America’s Farmers!

After all, there is hardly a more noble profession than that of the farmer. Farmers have been the link between the land and its people for many thousands of years, working long, backbreaking hours in the heat and cold to provide the food we need to live.

Here in America, it was the farmer who turned the Great Plains into the powerful engine of prosperity and expansion it became not long after the Louisiana Purchase. Even today, for all of our impressive cities and towns, it is our farms that provide the fuel every one of us needs to get out of bed and face the day.

So, let’s all take a moment to celebrate our farmers during National Farmer’s Day. And let’s not forget the dairy farmer, whose cows turn sunshine, oxygen and grain into pure, wholesome Hiland Dairy Milk and all of the delicious dairy products derived from it.

At Hiland Dairy, We’re Farmer-Owned

We appreciate the importance of America’s agricultural heritage because it’s our heritage, too. We also understand that, as dairy farmers, we’re inextricably tied to the land that sustains us. Which is why taking care of it, our animals and our people is so important to us.