Four Things You Should Do Now to be School-Ready

Back-to-School We Go!

Running around just before school starts trying to find everything your wee ones need for their classrooms isn’t fun. Trust me, I’ve been there. Gathering school supplies a few weeks prior to the big first day keeps unwanted stress at bay. Check out these simple tricks to be uber-prepared:

1. Start shopping two weeks prior to the first day.

Print a school supply list and tuck it into your purse so when you are out and about over those two weeks, you can pick up a few supplies at a time.

2. Set up a group text.

Start a group text with other school moms and alert each other of great sales on school supplies.

3. Save money with coupons and buying in bulk.

If you pack your kids’ lunches, head to a wholesale store and buy nonperishable food items in bulk. Before shopping for perishable items like Hiland Dairy Cottage Cheese and Yogurt, be sure to print Hiland Dairy’s online coupons to take with you. Any good Diva loves to save money!

4. Reset bedtime a week before school starts.

Reset your children’s early bedtimes starting a week before the school bell rings. It will help them adjust to their new routines.

Diva’s Tip

Drop off all of your kids’ school supplies a day before school starts. This way, your kiddos won’t have to lug heavy bags to school on the first day.

The Dairy Diva

~The Dairy Diva