Happy Pack Rat Day!

Time to pour a cocktail, head on over to the Sands and catch Dino, Frank and Sammy in their prime. No, wait – that’s Rat Pack Day; this is Pack Rat Day…and it can be good for the planet!

So what the heck is Pack Rat Day anyway?

Well, it’s celebrated on May 17, first of all. And while the day is meant to encourage us to embrace the fact that we want to keep stuff, and suggests that you shouldn’t throw your old belongings, clothes or even rubbish away as it might be useful or valuable in days or years to come, we see it as a chance to rethink all those useless things you’ve been hoarding in your basement, your attic or wherever your stuff eventually gravitates to (I mean, do you really need two fondue sets?). So your first thought might be to throw out all your useless “junk.” But we say NO! As the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” And on this planet with an ever-growing population consuming ever-shrinking resources, this has never been truer.

What can you do?

So this Pack Rat Day, why not take a look around at all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years and consider donating it to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Or get creative and try to repurpose unwanted items to give them new life. You could even hold a garage sale and make a little money to add to your bank account! The point is, you’ve got stuff lying around doing nothing but cluttering up your life. And instead of sending it to the landfill, it might make someone else’s life a bit brighter.

This message is close to our hearts, because we here at Hiland place a huge importance on sustainability.

Throughout our production, storage and delivery process, we look for ways to maximize efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. And we engage in recycling efforts too. Tires, batteries, oil, old pallets…you name it; if we can recycle it, we do. In fact, we’re recycling the whey wastewater byproduct from our facility in Chandler, Oklahoma, and letting local farmers use it to nourish their crops. And the teabags we use to brew millions of gallons of Red Diamond Tea are being recycled too instead of ending up in local landfills.

So this May 17, we encourage you to embrace our point of view on Pack Rat Day and do something good for the planet while you reduce clutter in your home.

You can even put on some Sinatra to serenade you through it!