Helping The River Valley Food Bank Provide Milk To Those In Need!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Helping The River Valley Food Bank Provide Milk To Those In Need

There’s Still Time to Help!

We let you know in an article a while back that September is Hunger Action Month…making it the perfect time to rally together to help get our local food banks the much needed, protein-packed milk to those who struggle with food insecurity.

Well, we have partnered with the River Valley Food Bank, Feeding America and CV’s Savers Club for a special Great American Milk Drive this month!


Donate Now!

Did you know more than 500,000 individuals in Arkansas – including more than 1 in every 4 children – are food insecure and may be missing out on milk’s 9 essential nutrients, including high-quality protein? Just donate $1, $3 or $5 at your local CV’s Savers Club now through September 26, to help provide milk to families in Arkansas.

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