Mind-Blowing Milk Hacks

Friday, March 4, 2016

Mind-Blowing Milk Hacks

Turns out, milk is not just for drinking…

Here are some ingenious lifehacks that anyone can do with milk.

Corn on the Cob

Add equal amounts of milk and water when boiling corn on the cob. It makes the corn taste sweeter. Get the recipe!

Sunburn Relief

You might not always have aloe vera on hand, but I know there’s always milk in the fridge. Dab cold milk on a cotton ball and lightly pressĀ on sunburned skin to take the sting away.

Remove Ink Stains

Ink stains will fade away from clothes when you soak the area in an equal mixture of milk and lemon juice.

Freshen Up Frozen Fish

Put frozen fish into a dish of milk and let it thaw. The milk makes the fish taste as if it is the ‘catch of the day.’

Polish Silver

Soak your tarnished silver in sour milk to make it shine again. Simply soak for a half hour, wash and rinse.

Diva’s Tip

Add protein to your daily diet with dairy. All it takes is a glass of milk, serving of yogurt, half cup of cottage cheese or scoop of sour cream. It’s simple…plus the added protein will keep you fuller longer!

The Dairy Diva

~The Dairy Diva

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4 comments on “Mind-Blowing Milk Hacks

  • Mary Lalli says:

    Love the comment about the corn. I am going to try it! You can use milk to get out stains on your clothes. Simply blot stain with a bit of milk. Let set overnight and wash the next day.

  • Angie Wilson says:

    I put frozen fish that we caught last year into a dish of milk to thaw & this actually works. The fish tasted delicious & so fresh. Thanks for the tip.

  • Glenda Morrow says:

    I personally enjoy drinking milk, I add milk to as many food products as possible-I enjoy my protein & I have been consuming Hiland Dairy products since before I was age one – 54 years! This next bit of information may seem strange or surprise you, but none the less, it is true. I know someone that doesn’t drink milk – but instead uses it for many other different reasons. She bathes in it, shaves her legs, makes facials & uses it for massages. She swears that it keeps her body young & vibrant – “milk is the key to my beauty” & she is young & beautiful looking for her age. She also uses it to polish her silver, wood furniture & her leather goods. Believe it or not!


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