Playing the Percentages

Pop Quiz

When someone talks about “1% Milk,” what does the 1% mean?

We’re sure most loyal readers of The Hiland Home probably know the answer. But sometimes, we find someone who has bought milk for decades and he or she has a mistaken idea about what the milk “percentages” mean. So, let’s have a little refresher course…

The Whole Story

The percentage listed on a milk container refers to the amount of fat in the milk as measured by weight. Whole milk comes in at about 3.5% fat and it is referred to as “whole” milk because it is the closest to the way it comes out of the cow, with no milk fat removed.

There are other options for those who have different health needs or taste preferences, including “reduced fat” (2%), “low fat” (1%) and “fat free” milk. Here’s how they stack up:

Many people choose the type of milk they buy for their family based on taste, while others choose based on fat content. So if you have specific health concerns about your diet, or have children in your house, your physician may recommend a lower-fat or higher-fat milk, respectively.

Remember though, at the end of the day all Hiland Dairy Milk contains the same amount of protein, calcium and 7 other essential nutrients. So whichever you choose, know you are doing your body good!