The Dairy Diva Says ‘Don’t Throw That Away!’


Before you toss your empty Hiland Dairy Cottage Cheese or Sour Cream containers in the trash (or better yet, recycle bin), think of how you can transform them into all things shiny and new. The possibilities are endless! Check out what a true Diva does:

  • Pop your cleaned containers in your purse when you head out to your family feast over the holidays and fill them with tasty leftovers before you leave.
  • Have your kiddos decorate them and fill them with crafting supplies including crayons, buttons and paintbrushes to help organize their art area.
  • Next time you pack for an outing to the park, soccer game or school activity, use your containers for snacks, hand wipes or first aid kits.

Diva’s Tips:

If you are doing an art project using paint, make a ‘palette’ using the lids from your empty containers. If you want to remove the print from you empty containers, just a dab of nail polish remover will help clear it off so you can start with a clean slate!

The Dairy Diva

~The Dairy Diva