The Deal on Dairy and Your Health

Sure, dairy is a great source of protein and provides nine essential nutrients, but it can do so much more for our bodies. Today, we’ll examine in more detail how dairy foods can help us maintain a healthy body.

Dairy and Blood Pressure

Here at the Hiland Home we love the fresh taste of Hiland Dairy products, of course. But we also love the fact that dairy can be an important part of virtually everyone’s diet…including those who suffer from high blood pressure.

High blood pressure (aka hypertension) affects one of every three adults in America. And since high blood pressure is one of the leading predictive risk factors for cardiovascular disease, it is a serious condition that should be monitored and addressed.

Luckily, recent analyses have shown that eating low-fat or fat-free dairy foods like Hiland Dairy milk or yogurt can help manage blood pressure. For a more in-depth review of the information, see Dairy Foods and Blood Pressure: Putting the Pieces Together.

As always, we recommend talking to your physician or health care provider for the best way to address your high blood pressure or adjust your diet. And keep your eye on for more information about dairy foods and the part they play in a healthy lifestyle.