What Do You Love About Hiland?

Friday, February 10, 2017

What Do You Love About Hiland

It’s February, and that means that love is in the air because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So, that got us thinking … what do you love about Hiland Dairy? Send us your comments below, but in the meantime, let us offer a few suggestions:

  • Farm-fresh milk. Hiland products are made from milk that comes from local farmers, so the trip from farm to your grocer’s fridge is a short one.
  • NO artificial growth hormones. Hiland milk is free of artificial growth hormones and tested rigorously for antibiotics, so you know you’re getting only pure, natural, wholesome milk.
  • A rich history of dairy production. Hiland Dairy has been around since 1938. That means that producing great-tasting dairy products has been in our blood for nearly 80 years.
  • Unparalleled value. We offer our products at prices that make it easy to give your family the best available quality in dairy.
  • Ice cream. Did we mention the ice cream?

Let us know what you love about Hiland Dairy as we all get ready to spread the love on Feb. 14!

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56 comments on “What Do You Love About Hiland?

    • George Lumpkin Jr says:

      All of your comments above is the reason I like your product. Please don’t change. It’s good to have something real and not genetically modified. Thanks

  • Nancy Hoffman says:

    Hiland has the best Dairy products! I use them in my home every day. My cooking would suffer if I didn’t have your milk, butter, sour cream, cottage cheese. We love Hiland Dairy!

  • Missy OBrien says:

    I LOVE Hiland Dairy’s wholesome taste! Hiland Dairy’s products taste like they leave in the actual product and don’t dilute the product with chemical fillers. We shop where Hiland Dairy’s milk is sold!

  • Angela Breakfield says:

    I love that Hiland’s products are fresh, wholesome and healthy! I love the fact that they help me keep my family happy, healthy and fortified and it’s all done deliciously. With such a wide variety to choose from I always have breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snack time covered. Thank you Hiland Dairy!

  • Marilyn Rayfield says:

    I love Hiland Dairy products because they are fresh and oh so tasty. They remind me of how food tasted when I was a kid. GOOD.

  • Catherine Luikart says:

    My family of 5 ONLY buys Hiland. My kids go through about 3 gallons of milk per week, a lb of cheese, sour cream, etc. We love Hiland! And I love knowing the fact that feeding your products to my growing family is beneficial to their health!

  • Kathleen Vanderhoofven says:

    I love the quality of Hiland products. The yogurt and sour cream are very good. I just wish that I could find lactose-free Hiland milk.

  • I love Hiland when you sit down with a glass of cold milk and take that first taste you realize you have just tasted real milk

  • Susan Craddock says:

    I love the fact that whether it’s a bowl of cereal in the morning, tacos for dinner or chips and dip at night while watching tv, hiland products never let you down. Farm fresh, rich and delicious I won’t buy any other brands.

  • I love that I can make so many delicious things with Hiland’s products from appetizers, to the main course and sides, to dessert! Yum!

  • We “LOVE” everything Hiland Dairy. My family goes through atleast 5 gallons of Hiland Dairy milk a Week, we also eat tons of Hiland Dairy French onion dip their is so many things you can dip in it. I could go on and on about your product’s.

  • Ohhh, I “LOVE” HILAND Dairy Products!!! I have Medical conditions, & have to eat Healthy Products, Hiland has very healthy 2% Milk, Vanilla, Peach, & Strawberry & Banana Flavored Yogurts, Low Fat Cottage Cheese, etc..etc.. I would eat Your Ice Cream, but try to stay away from Sweets!

    HILAND Products, are Very Good & Tasty, & Very I expensive, for their Quality of Products!

    You Offer Products, that are not high in Fat, or Sugars!

    Very “Delicious & Nutritious!”

    I am getting ready to do my Grocery Shopping, this evening, I am low on Food, & getting Hungry!

    Will be getting my HILAND Products, I mentioned above, & others, if I need them!



    Sincerely, in Quality, Value, & Tastes,

    Phyllis A. Braniff

  • Melissa Anderson says:

    Hiland Dairy cottage chess is the absolute best, no holds barred. I also love the yogurt, milk, and what holidays would be complete without Hiland Dairy Eggnog!!!

  • I love Hiland dairy products! That’s the only brand I buy for my baking needs! Always fresh and tastes awesome!! Love the dips too!!

  • Shelly Burgess says:

    What I love is my 3 gallons of Hiland. milk a week and 2 gallons of Country vanila ice cream a week. CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT EITHER ONE.

  • I love that Hiland cares so much genuinely love their products they make for us to love. Always stocked, I can depend on going to the store and finding the Highland quality products are there for us to make that loving connection. Sometimes coupons to save on Hiland products. I love the recipes they frequently show us to assure a quality, healthy snack or meal. Thanks Highland for bringing fresh quality products to our tables. Love, Lisa

  • As someone who LOVES the taste of milk. but has dealt with lactose intolerance my whole life, Hiland’s Lactose Free Vitamin D milk has been a life-changer! Thank you so much for making this wonderful product that allows me to eat cereal for breakfast again, I love it!

  • i don’t think I could choose just one thing! French Onion dip is way up at the top (that recipe is unique to Hiland, for sure), but the other dips, block and shredded cheese, sour cream, butter and cottage cheese is wonderful, too…oh and of course, the milk! I also love that it’s local, fresh and that the quality is unsurpassed in any market it’s sold thru! Supporting our farmers and their consumers makes Hiland Dairy tops across the board (-:


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