Who Doesn’t Scream for Ice Cream?

Gather the troops for some ice cream fun!

Nothing defines summer quite like ice cream. That is why I invite my kids’ friends over for an ice cream social every summer. They love it! Scour your cupboards and fridge for sundae toppings, buy your favorite flavors of Hiland Dairy Ice Cream and let the building begin!

Don’t forget about the six new flavors from Hiland Dairy this summer (plus you can sign up to receive a coupon for $1 off!). Can’t decide which flavor to get first? Check out my blog post where my family put the new flavors to the test!

Some creative sundae combos the kiddos came up with this summer:

  1. Hiland Dairy Cookie Overload and Homemade Milk Chocolate Ice Creams topped with gummy bears, chocolate chips and peanuts on top (make sure no one has a nut allergy!).
  2. Hiland Dairy French Vanilla and Cookie Overload Ice Creams loaded with chocolate chips and chocolate and caramel syrups.
  3. Hiland Dairy Milk Chocolate and French Vanilla Ice Creams with every topping we had on hand!

Hiland Ice Cream Social 1   Hiland Ice Cream Social 2   Hiland Ice Cream Social 3   Hiland Ice Cream Social 4

Diva’s Tip

Not in the mood for a sundae? Mix your favorite Hiland Dairy Ice Cream with Hiland Dairy Milk and shake it up instead. Yum!

The Dairy Diva

~The Dairy Diva