World Milk Day and June Dairy Month Are Undeniably Dairy

Locally Driven: Dairy – A Fresh, Local Food Source

Fresh, local food starts on the farm – from the care of the cows, to the process, to a glass of milk. Hiland Dairy Milk comes from the cows of our farmer-owners, most within 100 miles of our plants. Our milk contains no artificial growth hormones and is always tested for antibiotics. Meet one of our farmer-owners, Todd Tuls of Tuls Dairies in Nebraska:

Nutrient-Rich: Why Dairy Is a Power Food for Any Age

There’s a better way to fuel your day. Instead of leaning on added nutrients or ingredients that most people can’t even pronounce, there are simpler, closer-to-the-source, natural food options. In fact, the fresh, whole, real foods you crave are much easier to find than you might think – right down the dairy aisle. Real cow’s milk contains more naturally occurring nutrients and fewer ingredients than most other beverages available. Dollar for dollar, dairy foods are one of the most economical sources of nutrition.

Dairy is a Power Food for Any Age

Responsibly Produced: Leading the Sustainability Movement

As a fundamental link between the land and its people, perhaps no one is more acutely aware of the delicate balance between the earth and the ongoing endeavor to extract its riches than farmers. So, for us at Hiland Dairy, sustainability – the idea that everything we do is done in such a way as to minimize waste and environmental impact – really is second nature. We do it because our customers demand it. We do it because it makes sound business sense. But, above all, we do it because it’s the right thing to do. Learn more about our story of sustainability and our local sustainability initiatives on our website.


Real Enjoyment: For the Love of Dairy

From dairy thrills to dairy chills, check out all the ways dairy makes your life a delight:

Celebrate World Milk Day and June Dairy Month by learning more about Undeniably Dairy!