Celebrate the Season With Limited-Edition Holiday Milk Flavors — Now in Fudge Brownie!

They’re Here — but Not for Long

Hiland Dairy seasonal milk flavors are a fun, delicious way for kids (and adults) to get the protein and other essential vitamins and minerals their bodies need. With all the benefits of Hiland Dairy Milk plus the flavors they crave, Hiland’s seasonal flavored milk will be a hit with every member of the family.

And now, joining our current holiday lineup of Chocolate Mint Milk, Pumpkin Spice Milk and Bistro Cookie Milk, is Hiland’s latest tempting delight, Fudge Brownie Milk. You heard that right: the rich, sumptuous taste of fresh-from-the-oven fudge brownies, with the refreshing goodness of a tall, cool glass of Hiland Dairy Milk.

These highly desirable seasonal milks won’t last long in your grocer’s dairy case, so head to the store and stock up now before it’s too late.


Remember, you can submit a Shopper Request Form if you don’t see these delicious Hiland Dairy products on your grocer’s shelves!