DIY Easter-Themed Candy Box

Happy Easter, Everybunny!

I’ll admit it, I’m on a milk-carton crafting kick. My latest mission was to create a cute Easter-themed candy box made from a repurposed Hiland Dairy carton. I can’t wait to see my kids’ faces light up on Easter morning! Here’s how I did it.

Easter Candy Box

Easter Candy Box

What You’ll Need:

Easter Candy Box Supplies

  • Hiland Dairy carton
  • Craft knife
  • Spray paint
  • Card stock, various colors
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Clear plastic sheet
  • Plastic grass
  • Chocolate bunny
  • Faux flowers (optional)
  • Jeweled flowers and butterflies (optional)


  • Rinse carton with warm, soapy water. Allow to dry completely.
  • Using the craft knife, cut off the pour spout.
  • Spray-paint the carton. Allow to dry completely.

Easter Candy Box Step 1

  • Using the craft knife or scissors, cut out a round opening on one side of the carton.
    • Tip: I cut my round opening on the same side that had the pour spout to make it a little easier to cut.

Easter Candy Box Step 2

  • Using scissors, trim the plastic sheet, making sure it is big enough to completely cover the round opening.
  • Open the top of the carton.

Easter Candy Box Step 3

  • Glue the plastic sheet to the inside, covering the round opening to create a window. Allow to dry completely.

Easter Candy Box Step 4

  • Create grass, flowers and a fence from the card stock to decorate the outside of the carton. Adhere the outside decorations with glue.
    • Tip: You can add moss for more character. I even added some faux flowers, jeweled flowers and butterflies, but you can also make everything from the card stock.

Easter Candy Box Step 5

  • Put the plastic grass inside the carton and put the chocolate bunny on top of the grass, facing the plastic window.
  • Glue the top of the carton shut. Allow to dry completely.
  • Create a roof from the card stock and glue it to the top of the carton.

Easter Candy Box Step 6

Diva’s Tip

If you’re trying to avoid giving candy to your kiddos this Easter, you can make a bunny box from the carton with big ears, feet and a cotton-ball tail instead. Don’t forget the whiskers!

The Dairy Diva

~The Dairy Diva