Hiland Dairy Product Withdrawal Syndrome (HDPWS): It’s a real thing!

Here at The Hiland Home, we love to hear from our friends, fans and customers…heck, we love to hear from anyone. So we were thrilled to receive the note below, but sad that someone who has such good taste has left our part of the country!

Hello Hiland Dairy –

I was in Missouri last summer for six months and I ate your yogurt almost every day. It was the best I’ve ever had.

The big problem is that I had to return to the east coast and there is no Hiland Dairy here. Help!

– Hiland Dairy Fan

 Hello Hiland Dairy Fan –

First, thanks for the kind words. Rest assured: you are not alone. We’ve seen this before and it’s known as Hiland Dairy Product Withdrawal Syndrome (HDPWS).

If we could ship Hiland Dairy yogurt directly to you, we’d do it in a second…but that’s not really possible. Unfortunately there is only one cure for HDPWS and that’s to eat more quality Hiland Dairy products!

So, we urge you to “Come back soon!” We are truly honored that you appreciate our fresh quality, and that you care enough to let us know.

– Your Friends at The Hiland Home

PSThis was a real email from an actual Hiland Dairy Fan! While this Hiland Dairy Fan can’t find us back East, he will be able to find us all across the central United States, including in Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa.