Love Local Food? One More Reason to Love Milk!

Food safety, reliability and sustainability are hot topics today. But what are some of the secrets to food safety, reliability and sustainability in our nation’s food supply? If you said “buy local foods,” then give yourself a gold star!

Milk…The Original Local Food

We know that some foods are only grown in certain areas of the country. (For example, there aren’t a lot of peaches being grown in North Dakota.) But when it comes to milk, you’re never very far from a local source.

That’s because there are dairy farms in all 50 states…more than 50,000 in total! Here in the Midwest, there are 9,100 alone.

What’s that mean?

  • Dairy farmers live near you, in your neck of the woods, and care about the environment and their communities just like you do.
  • Milk is fresh! It usually only takes a couple days for milk to journey from the farm to the grocery store, so when you buy milk from your part of the country—like Hiland Dairy Milk—you know it’s fresh.
  • Milk is efficient. Its journey is shorter than many other foods, so there is less fuel used for transport.

Here at Hiland Dairy, we’ve been providing families with fresh, local dairy products for more than 75 years. That’s why food safety, reliability and sustainability have always been important to us.

So if you want to feel better about the food choices you make for your family…choose fresh, choose local and choose Hiland!