Tailgate in Style with this DIY Utensil Carrier

This is one of my favorite times of the year. Sure, fall is gorgeous with its colorful foliage and its seasonal flavors wafting through the air but nothing beats the food, fashion and loud cheers like tailgate season! When my family gathers for our football feast I try and make our buffet as festive and fun as possible so I made this entertaining utensil carrier and received quite the fan support!



  • Wash the containers with warm, soapy water. Let dry completely.
  • Cut the tops off each container making sure they are the same height.
  • In a well-vented space, paint the plank green and each container brown. Let dry completely.
  • Draw football stitches on each container. Let dry completely.
  • Glue three containers on each side of the plank with the stitches facing out.
  • Fill the containers with utensils, napkins or condiments.

Diva’s Tip

Tailor the cartons to match your favorite sports team – basketball, softball,
volleyball. Be sure to use your favorite school colors, too!

~The Dairy Diva