Want to Feel Great Today? We’ve Got an Idea…

About 1 in 7 Americans face hunger every day…that includes more than 12 million families. And while milk is one of the most nutritious foods, it rarely gets donated to Food Banks around the country.

That’s where The Great American Milk Drive comes in…

We’ve talked about The Great American Milk Drive before, but we wanted to give you an update. You can see the impact of The Great American Milk Drive here, including total gallons of milk donated in your state, as well as nationwide. You’ll also see how many people are served by Food Banks in your area.

If you can help the Great American Milk Drive, we urge you to consider donating to this great cause. Your donation will help households in your area, so you can rest assured your efforts will have local impact.

Help spread the word!

We urge you to share this post—or The Great American Milk Drive page to help spread the word that milk can help put a dent in hunger for American families.