A+ for Elementary Teachers and School Milk

Monday, January 18, 2016

A+ for Elementary Teachers and School Milk

It’s Elementary School Teacher Day!

They teach you the importance of ‘lips and hips,” inspire you to create masterpieces with just a number two pencil and a box of crayons – and understand that while you love being in their classroom, recess is still your favorite part of the school day. That’s why we celebrate Elementary School Teacher Day on the third Monday of January! It’s a great time to thank the teachers that educate, encourage and get your children excited about learning. Beyond feeding their minds with reading, mathematics and history, teachers also help them understand the importance of growing strong, healthy bodies by helping them make good nutritional choices – with the right amounts of fruits and vegetables, grains, proteins and dairy.

Dairy helps set students up for success.

Hiland Dairy School Milk lets them put their lessons into action by providing children healthy choices at school with a variety of fat-free plain and flavored milk. And when you add milk or yogurt to your children’s meals and snacks at home, you not only provide vitamin D, calcium and potassium, you add an important source of protein that keeps them full and focused in the classroom. So, be sure to thank your elementary school teacher today and support them every day by sending your children to school ready to learn.

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