Introducing America’s First-Family of Summertime Fun

And you thought that there wasn’t anything that could make Hiland Ice Cream more fun…


It’s time to meet the Coneys: Scoop, Cookie, Chip and Cherry. They’re a tight-knit family of mouth-wateringly tasty ice cream cones that just lives for summertime. So no matter what you’re doing, when you invite the Coneys along, you’ll immediately amp up the fun. Because…who doesn’t like ice cream? (And if you find someone who doesn’t like ice cream, you might have to ask yourself, do you really want to know them anyway?)

Just who are these deliciously drippy bowlfuls of summertime fun?


Scoop Coney

Scoop is a waffle cone chock full of deliciously decadent Hiland Sea Salt Caramel Espresso Ice Cream. He’s just gaga over his wife Cookie and their kids, Chip and Cherry.


Cookie Coney

Mother of twins Chip and Cherry and wife of Scoop, Cookie is the one who wears the real cone in the family. She’s two scoops of Hiland Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream and a loving smile.


Chip & Cherry Coney

These twins have been quite a coneful since birth. One is a big scoop of Hiland Mint Chip Ice Cream and the other a darling dollop of Hiland Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream. Together…look out! They’ll keep their mom and dad busy for hours with their youthful hijinks.

There you have it.

They’re goofy. They’re even gooey. But since they’re made from Hiland Ice Cream, above all, they’re delicious. What’s more, they’re coming to a grocery store near you!

So as you glide through the freezer aisles this summer, avoiding the seat-sizzling temperatures outside, keep an eye out for the Coney crew. And definitely pick up a container or two of Hiland Ice Cream. Because nothing cools you down while livening you up like a taste of delicious, creamy Hiland Ice Cream – always made from pure and fresh Hiland Dairy Milk that contains NO artificial growth hormones and is tested for antibiotics.

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